Knicks, Rose’s goal is to build a talented team

During the transaction window caused by last week’s pandemic, Rose took a peek at the type of player she seeks. Rose got rid of the former beginner revelation Allonzo Trier, talented but selfish on the field. It was time for “Iso Zo” to go.

In Rose’s first acquisitions, the Knicks will look to Jared Harper, an unprocessed Auburn product that has unused potential as a scoring guard, and former Net Theo Pinson, a solid presence in the locker room.

“Talent is obviously always of paramount importance,” said Rose. “In addition to talent, we are looking at the character. We are observing who the person is and we are observing how he fits. One of the things I always believed as an agent was to represent the customer and the customer represented me. Decisions were made based on what we were involved with”.

While Rose complained of not being able to evaluate more of her players when the Knicks season ended on March 11th, she will benefit from the fact that the project will be brought up to October 15th.

“In a positive light, we will have much more time,” said Rose. “We were preparing as if we were writing on June 25th.”

Rose offered an interesting nugget about her transition from agent to president – an indication that she is less on Phil Jackson and Mills’ ego.

“It’s fun,” said Rose. “We have relied on our relationship with NBA scouts. Here I sit on the other side of the fence and rely on the same people but within our organization”.