Knicks, RJ Barrett: “Bad first half, we had to fight “

After a mild start to the game, RJ Barrett looked mature beyond his age from the second he entered the league he didn’t just drop his head and sulk.

Instead, Barrett did everything the Knicks needed to get back into the game, coming back from under 17 points in the second half for an unlikely 106-102 win over the Wizards.

“I think we knew they were going to come out really aggressive,” Barrett later said. “We didn’t do a good job in the first half of kind of containing them, and we weren’t making shots and he was getting them to score, but a much better job in the second half.”

Barrett had an off night shot, as he finished just 7 of 22 off the ground, but came out huge when he mattered most, scoring 19 of his 24 points in the second half, including a quarter-quarter of nine points. He also added 10 rebounds, five assists and three steals to lead the charge during his nearly 42 minutes of play.