Knicks, Randle’s message bodes well for New York fans

Usa Today

The past two years have been very mixed for Julius Randle. Two years ago the New York Knicks season was stellar, thanks to the excellent performances of Julius Randle, absolute MVP of the team and who also participated in the All-Star Game. After so many years the Knicks managed to qualify for the playoffs, which did not happen last year and this coincided with a completely forgettable year for Julius Randle who played far below his means.

In view of the new season, Julius Randle absolutely has to put the disappointing last season behind him. The message Randle sent on Instagram bodes well.

Randle has in fact deleted all his old posts and posted some photos that see him training with the caption: Back at It.

Julius Randle prepares for next season with the goal of returning to being an All-Star for his own joy and that of the Knicks fans.