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Knicks, Randle’s 30 points weren’t enough to avoid defeat

Julius Randle got things started early for the Knicks, scoring 10 of New York’s top 20 points as he leapt to five points ahead with less than three to play in the first quarter. Randle finished the first quarter with 12 points, but a seven point first quarter from Kevin Durant saw the Nets take a 26-25 lead in the second.

Randle went on to beat the Knicks in the first three quarters with 24 points, four rebounds and three assists, but the Knicks defense struggled to contain the Nets as Brooklyn shot 50.7% from the ground overall and 45, 2% three-point range through the first three quarters. Without Kyrie Irving (personal reasons) and the now swapped Caris LeVert and Jarrett Allen, the Nets were led by Durant, who scored 24 points in 24 minutes in the first three quarters, while Brooklyn took a 92-76 lead in the fourth.

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