Knicks passes the NBA call to interview Jason Kidd and Will Hardy

The Knicks were the only one of eight teams to miss an NBA conference call that proposed bringing non-Orlando clubs to a Chicago bubble in September for volunteer minicamps / scrimmages.

According to a source, the Knicks were concerned about Thursday’s coaching interviews. The source said the appeal was aimed at the league’s general managers and Scott Perry was engaged in pre-scheduled video interviews.

ESPN later reported that Jason Kidd and Will Hardy have been interviewed. They are two of 11 Knicks coaching candidates, with a decision slated for the end of the month.

The absence of the Knicks from the call should not be considered an opposition to the entire Chicago project, according to the source. However, it is unclear why the Knicks did not ask another agent to monitor what was a preliminary call.

The Knicks would like some form of organized training activity this summer to make up for the loss of Orlando’s restart, but going to Chicago isn’t their best choice.