Knicks out of the NBA reopening

The NBA is planning to reopen the season, starting from the cities where there are no more blocks, to reopen the practice facilities. According with The Post, from May 1, players would only be allowed to conduct individual workouts, not those of the group.

This will not be true for the Knicks, because Governor Cuomo‘s coronavirus blockade is slated for late May 15th. However, there is always the possibility that Commissioner Adam Silver will cause Cuomo to give up on the Knicks.

The Knicks’ Tarrytown facility should be shut down by government order. This could put the Knicks at a disadvantage if the NBA starts again.

According to an NBA source, at least a couple of Knicks players would be wary of returning to New York in mid-May – the U.S. epicenter of the COVID-19 virus – if things didn’t improve drastically.