Knicks new HC: Kenny Atkinson makes sense

The search for the New York Knicks for a new head coach has been an ongoing conversation since Leon Rose was named president of the team in early March. Rose has made many additions to her new front office and the acquisition of a new bench boss appears to be next on her to-do list.

Since Leon Rose was appointed president, Tom Thibodeau has been the main candidate to be New York’s next head coach. There are many factors that have made Thibodeau the favorite to get the job: he has expressed interest in the Knicks’ coaching, has a long coaching résumé and victories in the NBA and, above all, is close to Leon Rose.

Just two weeks ago, rumors were swirling that the Knicks would make their decision quickly. The writing seemed to be on the wall: Tom Thibodeau would take the place of the next coach.

However, just a few days ago, a report by Ian Begley claimed that Kenny Atkinson was getting serious support among the Knicks front office members.

This recent news makes you wonder if the new faces that Leon Rose has brought to the front office are pushing for Atkinson on Thibodeau.

Thibodeau is a polarizing head coach with over 30 years of experience in NBA training. He is an exceptional candidate, and would probably be the best option available in most NBA offseason.

However, somehow, the Brooklyn nets let Kenny Atkinson go. Atkinson hired a team of Nets in complete disorder and turned it into a flowery list that was able to attract the two biggest prizes of the 2019 free agency, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

The reasoning for Atkinson’s dismissal is not crystal clear, but seems to have stemmed from disagreements in game time and roles among the team’s veterans.

Atkinson seemed to prioritize player development for his younger players rather than making sure the veterans (DeAndre Jordan) on the team were satisfied with their role. This is exactly why Atkinson to the Knicks makes a lot of sense.