Knicks need the ‘spirit’ of Patrick Ewing

New York Knicks are destined to suffer in the future too. The current one (before the shotdown for the coronavirus), is another disastrous season for the Knicks. Already rumors are circulating about the possible objectives to try, next year, to return to play to win. But this is something that is heard every year. Several NBA stars are linked to the Knicks. Last year it was Kevin Durant and Kyire Irving who were approached in New York, but as we all know then they went to the Nets. Another disappointment for the Knicks who however continue to continue on the same path: to take great players. But will they come? We sincerely doubt it.

Management Problems

It’s true, the quality of the Knicks players has dropped significantly over the years, but this does nothing but mirror the mismanagement of the franchise. Many hope that the arrival of Leon Rose will change the future of the Knicks. To be honest, Rose could be the right person for the Knicks. His knowledge, his solid relationships in the NBA, could finally be fundamental to bring great players to the Knicks. But more is needed. The Knicks have to go back to have the real spirit of the Knicks. It takes figures from the past who made the history of the Knicks.

The Spirit Of Patrick Ewing

Looking in this light, the first that comes to mind is Patrick Ewing. Ewing has never won a ring with the Knicks, but has made the history of the franchise. On the pitch he was able to convey the spirit of New York, a fundamental aspect that has been missing for years. A possible return could slowly bring back that competitive and combative spirit that is now dormant. Not only will this be enough, but it could be a good starting point. Ours is clearly only a hypothesis. Ewing, after years as assistant coach in several teams, he has been the coach of Georgetown Hoyas University since 2017. The Knicks have never attempted to take on the role of coach, despite everything he has given in New York, and even now they have not sought him out. Yet, in our opinion, he may be the right man for the Knicks.