Knicks, Leon Rose has a salary of approximately $ 8 million

The Knicks gave Phil Jackson a $ 60 million five-year contract as team president.

After that debacle, Knicks owner Jim Dolan is … still willing to pay a high salary to an executive with no front-office experience.

Now it’s Leon Rose’s turn to get paid.

Marc Stein of the New York Times in his newsletter:

Rose’s annual salary is $ 8 million

Maybe that was the price it took to attract Rose. He was a powerful agent with clients like Joel Embiid, Chris Paul, Devin Booker, and Karl-Anthony Towns.

But why was it so important to attract Rose, who, again, had no front-office experience?

Maybe he has an aptitude for this job. A former agent, Bob Myers is doing well with the Warriors. There is definitely an overlap in skill between the two positions.

Rose will have the opportunity to prove herself.