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Knicks, landslide victory over the Celtics

Clear victory of the New York Knicks who destroy the Celtics 105-75. A game dominated by the Knicks that has never suffered.

As a team, Boston shot a 29.8 percent from the field (25/84) and 15.2 percent from deep (7/46). By comparison, the Knicks scored 47.5% (38/80) and 38.7% (12/31), respectively.

Jayson Tatum was absent in the Celtics as he was positive for Covid-19, but Kemba Walker returned, around whom the Celtics attack revolved. Walker scored nine points out of 3 of 13 shots, adding three rebounds, four assists and three steals but committing five turnovers.

Julius Randle scored 20 points with 12 rebounds and RJ Barrett got 19 and 11 on Sunday to help the New York Knicks score a five-game losing streak.