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Knicks: Kevin Knox could be part of the potential Knicks lineup change

(Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images)

Tom Thibodeau reiterated Saturday that “everything is on the table”, for the Knicks to potentially shake up their lineup as they are locked in a five-game losing streak.

Newcomer point guard Immanuel Quickley put his name in the hat with the recent jolt he gave off the bench, but he also has another Kentucky product with a surprising 3-point touch: Kevin Knox.

The third-year forward stepped up his shots from beyond the arc, hitting 44% (22 out of 50) in 13 games from the bench for a team that often struggles in that area. But Thibodeau said he can still impact the game in more areas than his precision shot from the center.

“I love that he takes the shots he’s taking,” the manager said Saturday as the Knicks prepared for Sunday’s game in Boston. “I think he could do more in transition, managing the floor. I love it when you grab and shoot. It is difficult to defend, getting out of a screen where it can attack the gap. I think it is very effective in those situations. But the important thing is, I think he feels really good about where his shot is right now. We want you to keep working on it. It obviously adds a lot to what we can do in terms of opening the floor. “