Knicks, Julius Randle is still worried about the ankle injury

The Knicks front office is pinning its hopes on power forward Julius Randle making a leap forward in terms of playoff performance. Unfortunately, Randle has been dealing with an ankle injury that required significant rehabilitation during the offseason. “This is definitely different,” Randle shared on Monday . “It was certainly a different offseason for me from a physical point of view. And it will definitely be a different retreat.”

While Randle may not yet be in peak physical condition for the rigors of an NBA season, he has dedicated a lot of time to studying film and improving his off-court skills. Last season, Randle averaged career highs of 25.1 points, 10 rebounds and 4.1 assists, shooting a .459 field goal percentage and .343 from downtown. With an impressive .536 effective field goal rate, Randle secured another All-Star appearance.

While it’s possible that Randle begins the season at a slower pace as he regains fitness, the primary focus remains on ensuring he returns to 100% health and is ready to make a significant impact alongside Jalen Brunson . “I think, for me, physically it will be the last thing that comes,” he noted. “I’m just getting my body used to the wear and tear of the NBA season.”