Knicks: Josh Hart’s hilarious take on Bojan Bogdanovic fitting Tom Thibodeau’s coaching style

The New York Knicks made a trade right before the deadline to improve their chances of making the playoffs. Alec Burks and Bojan Bogdanovic can be consistent options in Tom Thibodeau’s coaching style. However, Josh Hart shares his view on how Bogdanovic will fit in with Thibodeau overall.

Josh Hart just hopes Alec Burks is preparing his teammate accordingly on the road to New York, according to Antonio Losada of SB Nation.

“Burks knows what to expect. Bojan…hoooo, that boy is there. [Burks] knows what to expect, so hopefully on that private jet they’re on right now, he’s giving Bogdanovic a couple of tips and pointers. I have to say, Thibs had a very bad reputation about it, kind of… you know, the practice and all that. It’s a lot better than I thought from the voices and everything you hear. He’s a lot better, a lot more in tune, so he’ll be fine.”

At least Hart is optimistic about Bogdanovic fitting into the Knicks’ plan. But there will be a little adjustment for the veteran forward. Tom Thibodeau is known for coordinating tough workouts and managing his team often. But considering Bogdanovic is a professional athlete, he’ll probably be fine.

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