Knicks is expected to have interviews with head coaching candidates next week

Mavericks ‘assistant Jamahl Mosely will receive an interview while searching for Knicks’ head coach, SNY sources confirm.

Mosely joins a group of nine well-known candidates who will interview for the opening.

The Knicks are expected to have short introductory interviews with some candidates next week, according to SNY sources. Those introductory interviews, which will be conducted by videoconference, will be followed by longer and more formal interviews, sources said.

In Mosely, the Knicks will speak to an assistant who is seen by several opposing teams as an emerging star in NBA coaching. The members of those opposing organizations praised Mosely for having deep relationships with the players and for being able to make those players responsible, a coveted trait and a difficult balance to be reached in coaching.

He is known for establishing a very strong relationship with Luka Doncic and was one of the key coaches involved in the development of Doncic. Mosely has trained with Mavs head coach Rick Carlisle for six seasons. He is the defensive coordinator of Dallas. He previously trained in Denver (2005-2010) and Cleveland (2010-2014) before joining the Mavs. Mosely, who interviewed for the Cavs vacancy last year, also worked as an assistant for basketball in the United States.

In addition to Mosely, the Knicks will interview Chicago Fleet assistant Chris Fleming, Philadelphia 76ers lead lead Ime Udoka, Orlando Magic assistant Pat Delany, assistant to Will Spy, former Knicks coach Mike Woodson, former Bulls and Minnesota bull Timberwolves Tom Thibodeau and former Brooklyn Nets manager Kenny Atkinson.

Interim head coach Mike Miller will also receive an interview with the Knicks. Team president Leon Rose was deeply impressed by Miller in the short time he spent this season (before the year was suspended due to the coronavirus), as reported by SNY.

Miller will likely receive an offer to be an assistant – or to take on another role in the organization – if Rose does not appoint him as head coach.

It is unclear who else New York will interview. Jason Kidd and Mark Jackson both have fans in the organization. There is support in the organization for Kidd to be among those who get an interview for the opening, according to sources. Spurs assistant Becky Hammon has been described by a source as a name to watch for a potential interview, as reported for the first time by Newsday.

There is also some interest in bringing Mike Brown Brown, former Cleveland Cavaliers head coach, for an interview, according to sources. It would make sense if other rising assistant coaches, such as Milwaukee’s Darvin Ham and Utah’s Johnnie Bryant, get an audience with New York.

Agents and coaches who have an acquired interest in the Knicks process have long believed that Rose is more likely to hire Thibodeau. But there is legitimate internal support for Atkinson, as reported by SNY last week.

If not hired as head coach, Woodson, Miller and other candidates outside of Atkinson and Thibodeau could be added as assistants to the new coaching staff.

The Knicks’ plans to interview Udoka were first reported by The Athletic. The club’s plans to interview Delany and Mosely were first reported by ESPN.