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Knicks, Immanuel Quickley received suggestions from Damian Lillard

Immanuel Quickley got some extra tips and tricks from All-Star Damian Lillard.

Quickley became the first rookie in Knicks history to score at least 30 points with five 3-points made during that match off the bench. Perhaps most impressive, Quickley produced 21 points on his own in the fourth quarter when New York nearly took the comeback win after falling 12 points over the period.

The Knicks returned to New York after a four-game trip to the West Coast, in which Quickley faced the likes of Lillard, Stephen Curry, De’Aaron Fox and others.

The opportunity to play against those guys proved to be very beneficial for Quickley to see how they approach the game. Quickley revealed that he texted Lillard after that loss.

“I have to pick Damian Lillard’s brain,” Quickley said. “I have to text Dame after the game. (Knicks associate coach) Johnnie Bryant was very close to him, so he chose me. Steph, I haven’t had a chance to speak yet. Hopefully, I have a chance to take his brains out next time they come to Madison Square”.