Knicks: how to bring out the best from Julius Randle


So far, Julius Randle has failed to express himself best in New York. After signing with the Knicks last summer with a $ 62 million three-year deal, Randle has failed to impose himself as we all expected. The Knicks saw an emerging player in Julius Randle when he was in the Pelicans. Many expected his attacking power, a player capable of keeping the ball moving and shooting at 3. Unfortunately this was not the case.

The Knicks probably knew that Randle wasn’t a good defender when they signed him last season. Not being a two-way player isn’t a death sentence in today’s NBA. But now what does New York have to do with him?

Randle’s game isn’t modern in the offensive phase.
With the current list of Knicks, there aren’t many players you can trust in important roles.
New York Knicks are able to acquire players through draft, free agency and potentially in operations that will allow them to comfortably reduce Randle’s role and maximize his skill set.