Knicks get first pick 2020 draft in trade with Minnesota Timberwolves

If the Knicks really want to add another star, they won’t find one with the eighth pick in the draft.

According with Bleacher Report, moving up to number 1 would give New York a much better chance, as LaMelo Ball arguably has the best star potential with its combination of size, passing and feel for play.

The Knicks have extra choices in the first round from the Kristaps Porzingis trade and will be forced to use one to go up. Wolves should ask for Ntilikina as well, hoping to squeeze some potential from 2017’s # 8 pick, which is still only 22 years old.

Minnesota has already traded its first round of 2021 to get D’Angelo Russell, so getting back into the draft should entice him. Dating a player like Patrick Williams with the eighth pick would also be great.

It might cost them an extra first round, but the Knicks with Ball and RJ Barrett could start appealing to free agents in 2021.