Knicks, Fournier’s future seems to be sealed but it won’t be easy

Evan Fournier‘s future is sealed. His season is far below expectations and the only way for the Knicks to solve this embarrassing problem is to trade him.

However, this will not be easy. Fournier is making $18 million this season and will make $18.9 million in 2023-24 before getting a $19 million club option in 2024-25.

However, Fournier himself declared that he did not think of any trade, also speaking of the fact that things could change. This means that Fournier is still waiting for an opportunity from the Knicks, in case a teammate can be traded or someone can be injured so as to find room in the rotations.

One of the teams that might be interested in Fournier is the Los Angeles Lakers, but only if they can get into the play-in/playoff conversation. But even in this case everything seems to be very difficult.

The Knicks will therefore have to show a lot of patience, waiting for a team that is willing to trade Fournier.