Knicks, dream big on Donovan Mitchell

In New York, the desire to relaunch a franchise in great difficulty is so great that it does not want to hesitate or leave no stone unturned. The Knicks, led by the newcomer Leon Rose, dream big (and when they have never done so, it would be said) and aim to take advantage of the chaotic situation at Utah Jazz to get their hands not on the much talked about Rudy Gobert, but on Donovan Mitchell – 23-year-old talent to whom to entrust the franchise keys. An All-Star still far from its peak, a player who the Jazz will make false cards to hold back, but who in the coming weeks could again come up against a leadership that in the coming months could find himself choosing between him and the French center. At that point to evaluate there will also be what will come out of the market: will selling Gobert bring the same “benefits” to Utah as Mitchell’s departure? According to the reconstructions, the whole locker room is against the French, but the situation could also favor reversals in the face – especially if the Knicks prove to be skilled in making the right proposal. On the plate in fact in New York they know well that they have to make the most precious jewels available: Mitchell Robinson, RJ Barrett and above all the first choices at the Draft of the next few years. According to the reconstruction of Marc Berman, the Jazz could become strongly interested in the proposal if all this present and future youth were put on the plate: there is only one Mitchell, but with many options available at that point in Salt Lake City they could start imagining a future without him.