Knicks: Donte DiVincenzo can make big plays when Jalen Brunson gets trapped

SNY’s Rafael Canton outlined how Donte DiVincenzo could be a game-changer for the Knicks this spring:

“The need for a secondary perimeter playmaker is also important for the postseason. When the Cavaliers made a change in the first round by doubling up and trapping Brunson, Tom Thibodeau’s fast break had wings RJ Barrett and Josh Hart as screens for Brunson,” Canton said.

“The move allowed Barrett to thrive as both a scorer and secondary creator. The same opportunities could be available to DiVincenzo in this year’s playoffs. DiVincenzo is proving that he should be up to the task with this recent stretch.”

Canton’s statement is valid. The Knicks finished last among all 16 playoff teams with 18.7 assists in 2023. They continue to rely heavily on Jalen Brunson to keep the offense going. This could backfire on them once teams decide to snare the 2024 All-Star.

DiVincenzo also distributed his torrid goals well in the same period of time. The 26-year-old guard makes quick decisions on the catch and plays at a pace that allows defenses to collapse as he cuts, which frees up shooters to look to the outside.