Knicks, Davis Bertans of the Wizards in Free Agency is evaluated

When the Wizards traded with the San Antonio Spurs for Bertans last summer, he averaged just eight points per game from the Spurs bench. With the Wizards, Bertans blew off the bench and scored an average of 15.4 points per game in his contract year.

This offseason, the Wizards will have top priority in trying to sign Bertans again, but his return is far from guaranteed. Bertans will get paid one or the other this offseason as the teams are lining up to make him an offer. And according to NBC Sports Washington’s Chase Hughes, the New York Knicks are one of several organizations keeping an eye on Bertans.

“Several teams without the cap room to sign Bertans are preparing to make sign-and-trade offers in free will, NBC Sports Washington learned. This is in addition to the teams that have the cap room to fit his salary without a trade. “.

The teams have not been specified, although a source said there are two Eastern Conference teams and one Western team that are interested in sign-and-trade scenarios involving Bertans. This is along with at least three teams – including the Hawks, Knicks, and Suns – who should be targeting Bertans early in free will using their cap room, as previously reported by NBC Sports Washington. “

The Knicks are always on the hunt for stars in the off season. While Bertans doesn’t necessarily qualify as a star, it would make a solid addition to a young squad that could use a floor spacer.