Knicks center Mitchell Robinson reacts to trade rumors

New York Knicks center Mitchell Robinson finally responded indifferently to rumors of a trade involving him.

“It doesn’t affect me at all,” Robinson said on the “Roommates Show” hosted by his teammates Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart on June 27. “I didn’t really pay attention to it. My friends came and told me [trade rumors] but I basically did the same thing I do. You won’t pay attention. I’m just in my own world, and still doing what I do.

Hart, Robinson’s teammate for the last season and a half, hopes they can get back to playing with their 7-foot-10 center.

“This podcast comes out Thursday afternoon, bro, the day after the [NBA] Draft,” Hart said. “I hope you are still with us. Much love brother, peace and blessings. You’re a good guy, a great locker room, great for our morale.”

The NBA Draft has passed, but Robinson remains a Knick. His return to New York next season is tied to Isaiah Hartenstein’s free agency.

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