Knicks can gain great benefits in the chaos of the coronavirus

Bobby Marks, ESPN cap guru, predicts that this free NBA agency this summer will “slow down to crawl” and all players with opt-outs in their contracts will choose to join.

This is an economic fallout from the potentially massive reduction in the salary cap due to the close of the March 11 season.

If all players are forced to participate, this means that Anthony Davis will return to the Lakers for another season and be eligible for the free agency in 2021. This is a good thing for the Knicks as Davis will likely be more likely to pass as LeBron James turns 37.

“I think we’ll go 29-by-29 on the player options collected,” Marks told The Post.

Marks, a former network chief, wrote a salary thesis for ESPN in which he sought out ideas from agents and team leaders.

NBA insiders believe that the free agency “will be essentially frozen,” Marks wrote, due to the fall of the limit.

Marks told The Post that he only plans annual contracts and a lower than usual market value.

According to Marks, the NBA and its Players Association have yet to organize formal talks on wage cuts.

Marks wrote that the NBA will lose between $ 1 billion and $ 2 billion in basketball-related revenue. The salary limit is calculated on the basis of a percentage of the BIS. If the NBA loses $ 2 billion in BIS, the limit would be $ 95 million – far below the pre-coronavirus projection of $ 115 million.

Even though Commissioner Adam Silver will resume the season in July with a fanless playoff, the losses will be huge.

Marks said the Knicks could earn if the upper limit and threshold of the luxury tax dropped significantly. The Knicks have a number of team options that they shouldn’t be exercising, especially now.