Knicks about to give up on Kevin Knox

The New York Knicks have officially ended another disastrous season, which means that a rebuild should take place again. With their youth movement plans falling apart, the Knicks should be revised again. The problem is that they don’t have a coach yet. Mike Miller is serving temporarily and team president Leon Rose is expected to select a new one soon. Knicks related names include Tom Thibodeau, Jeff Van Gundy, Kenny Atkinson and Mike Woodson.

Until this is resolved, several players will have to wait and see if they are still around for the next season. One player who may be leaving is Kevin Knox. The forward of the 20-year-old striker is in the air and there is a growing belief that New York can give up on him, The Athletic reported. The Knicks don’t see it as one of the key milestones, which means that the ninth general pick of the 2018 NBA Draft could play for another team next season.

Knox has already played two seasons with the Knicks and his performance is far from impressive. In 140 games, the 6-foot-7 player averaged only 9.9 points, 3.7 rebounds and 1 assist in 23.7 minutes of action. His game took a dip this season from 2018-19. He averaged 6.4 points and 2.8 rebounds in 17.9 minutes of action for

Regardless of the name of the Knicks, their new head coach sooner or not, it seems that Knox’s time in Gotham has come to an end. A positive thing about him is that he is still young and can still improve. It can’t be said if New York continues to be patient and see if their new coach can put it to good use.

However, this could be reversed by Rose. In a New York Post report, President Knicks would not have been sold on Knox and was planning to evaluate him in the team’s last 16 games. But as many know, everyone is affected by a problem due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

So far, no team has expressed interest in Knox, who has been criticized for the soft game. After an impressive period of the Summer League after it was drafted, things were never the same again. He is slated to earn $ 4.6 million in his third year. Apparently, Knox will likely be part of a trade by the Knicks about potential goals they have in mind.