Kira Lewis Jr. is a viable option for New York

Finding a punctual guard to manage the team for decades has been a problem for the New York Knicks. Whether it was previous deals, draft selections or off-season purchases, the points game has plagued New York.

Fortunately, the 2020 NBA Draft is full of many guard point prospects that should be selected in the lottery.

Players like LaMelo Ball, Killian Hayes, Cole Anthony and Tyrese Haliburton have all been linked to New York. The drafts simulated by numerous sites cause New York to take one of these guards.

A point guard who has been somewhat under the radar, but could very well respond to the point guard’s troubles for the Knicks is the Alabama tip guard Kira Lewis Jr.

Lewis Jr. is a dynamic guide guard who can score on all levels. Last season averaged over 18 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists per game, Lewis Jr. has the potential to be an all-around guard point, even at 6 feet-3 inches tall.

Kira is not only useful to shoot to guess the opponent’s defenses, but also helps a player like RJ Barrett, who will have more space to create his own shot and penetrate with less traffic.

NBA Draft expert Spencer Pearlman of Stepien presents the role of Lewis Jr in attack on the next level:

“Main / secondary creator. Ideally you have another main creator next to him, but Kira has enough skills as a passer-by and engine to create looks for others. Someone may have committed a crime from time to time, but also run off the ball because of of his shooting skills. “

Having a point guard who is able to create for others, and at the same time have the ability to create for himself, is something New York desperately needs to take the next step towards becoming a competitive team.