Kings could acquire Mitchell Robinson in exchange for Buddy Hield

Kings and Knicks could trade Buddy Hield and Mitchell Robinson in an agreement that could benefit both teams and allow Robinson to get significantly longer playing time.

According to the Basketball Reference, Robinson averaged 9.7 points, seven rebounds and two blocks and pulled 74.2 percent of the league off the pitch as he only started seven games out of 61 and averaged 23.1 minutes per game . But with the Knicks apparently happy to use it from the bench, Swartz suggested that the Kings could acquire him giving him the starting role he deserves, while also the landing point guard Frank Ntilikina, the power forward Bobby Portis and a second round choice of 2021 in a theoretical agreement that would send Hield to New York.

“Sacramento has gotten an important role from Richaun Holmes in the center this season, but Robinson has the potential to become a franchise staple in the position for the next 10 years,” he added. “If Marvin Bagley III were able to develop his three-point shot, the Kings would have owned one of the league’s most athletic and versatile big-man combos.”