Kevin Knox is the most persecuted player of the NBA bubble season

The 2020 NBA bubble wasn’t kind to Kevin Knox. Despite not playing in months, the young Knicks forward is constantly being stuffed in the news and on social media.

Unfortunately for Knox – and Knicks fans in general – many of the players chosen after him in the 2018 Draft are dominating right now. Michael Porter Jr., whose name many Knicks fans sang on draft night, hit the jackpot. Mikal Bridges, whom many at P&T headquarters wanted the team to pick, was a premier defender and a key piece for the scorching Suns. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Knox’s teammate at Kentucky, has arguably put together the best career of the bunch and is anchoring a tough OKC squad alongside Chris Paul.

Stefan Bondy of the Daily News used Porter’s emergence to write an article highlighting the failures of the Steve Mills / Scott Perry regime. Everywhere you look, Knox season is open. Every article, every Twitter and Instagram post seems dirtier than it gets shoveled to the grave of his Knicks tenure.

Knox’s numbers plummeted in 2019-20, going from an average of 12.8 points out of 37.0 / 34.3 / 71.7 to 6.4 points out of 35.9 / 32.7 / 65, 3. If Knox doesn’t score, he’s not a good enough defender or rebounder to carry his weight in an NBA rotation.