Kevin Knox can give the best of himself trained by Thibodeau

The Knicks wrote Knox in ninth place in 2018, and his first two NBA seasons have been riddled with inconsistencies and questions.

This year Knox scored just 6.4 points per game on average in 65 games, shooting 35.9 percent off the field and 32.7 percent off the perimeter.

Additionally, his playing time has been cut by 10 minutes per game, largely because the Knicks have signed off on several veteran wings (most notably Marcus Morris) during the last season and Knox’s playing time has decreased.

Knox has struggled with his filming and while his defense has shown some signs of improvement this season, he still needs work.

The encouraging thing for the Knicks? Knox will only be 21 when he starts next season.

It is still at the beginning of its development. He still has room to grow.

But now it’s up to Thibodeau to help accomplish this while maintaining Knox’s trust.

It’s too early to completely wipe out Knox, but it’s obvious that the Knicks need a much more improved and consistent version of the previous lottery pick.

Knox has shown flashes of what he can do. They were simply too sporadic.