Kenyon Martin chastises Julius Randle for a bizarre reason

In keeping with tradition, Julius Randle kissed his wife after the Knicks won Game 5 against the Miami Heat. A habit that Randle has always had, but for some reason former NBA Kenyon Martin thought it was a bad look.

“We just finished playing a hard-fought game in a playoff series, and the first thing you [Julius Randle] do is go kiss your wife… what do you think?… I’m not even thinking about you. .. they just won and his face looks like they lost”.

Martin believes Julius Randle should under no circumstances think about his wife after a tough win, and should celebrate with his Knicks teammates. Now, criticizing a man for loving his wife is one thing, although he might be right in arguing that Randle doesn’t feel comfortable celebrating with his own teammates.

It is evident that Kenyon Martin is slightly misinformed, as Randle has made a habit of doing this, not just after his playoff victories.