Kenny Atkinson may be the right Knicks coach, but the choice depends on Leon Rose

Knicks fans wonder who the next coach will be. Mike Miller ‘s position is still uncertain, Leon Rose has to make a decision about it. In recent days there has been a rumor about the possible approach to bring Kenny Atkinson to the Knicks. Atkinson has done a great job at the Nets and could be ideal for a team of young players like the Knicks. Atkinson and his staff have done an extraordinary job developing players such as Joe Harris, Jarrett Allen, Caris LeVert and Spencer Dinwiddie. The Knicks have a young group of players who would benefit from a strong development program. We don’t know if Rose sees Atkinson as a strong candidate for the job if Mike Miller isn’t kept. But surely several teams with young players will have a serious interest in Atkinson for next season.