Julius Randle dismisses criticism from Knicks fans

Knicks fans have long criticized Randle for various reasons. Whether it’s his lack of consistency, attitude, or other reasons, New York fans have made things difficult for him. He understands that it will be like this as long as he plays at Madison Square Garden.

Instead of complaining about it, Randle wants to continue to maintain a positive mindset and try to improve whenever he can. The potential All-Star told the New York Post the following:

“I just think I’m at a point in my career where obviously I want to play the best basketball of my career,” he said Friday. “I want to continue to improve. I’m in the mindset of enjoying every moment. This is my tenth year in the league and you go through phases in your career where you try to establish yourself or prove something. And, for me, I’m just proving something to myself every night.

If Randle can maintain this mindset throughout the season, not only will he play at a much higher level, but the Knicks will be in a much better position than they have been in past seasons. Randle has had episodes of bad attitude and that can’t happen again if the Knicks want to win a championship.