Josh Hart has to make his own decisions

Josh Hart has until 11:59 p.m. to give up his $12.9 million player option and explore free agency or return to the Knicks, for whom he was a key addition to the franchise’s best season trade deadline in a decade.

The overwhelming expectation is that the versatile forward will retire with hopes of returning to the Knicks. He has said on several occasions since the trade that he reunited the former Villanova star with college teammate Jalen Brunson.

“We’re probably going to reject the option and do the free agency thing”, he said in a recent interview with Bleacher Report. “I love New York. I love the team. I love the coaching staff, the front office that we have, we have young kids, draft picks, and all kinds of things. I mean, obviously, that would be an ideal place for me to re-sign there and do it. “Everything is perfect on the pitch, off the pitch, with family close to home and all that kind of stuff. So, fingers crossed that when free agency begins, I will say that a deal will be done hopefully within the first day or two. I wish it was home”.