John Starks donates 3,000 pairs of scrubs to NYC healthcare workers

John Starks is considered one of the greatest Knicks of all-time and is the team’s all-time leader in three-point goals. Now, he is making news for a major assist.

On Saturday, John Starks gave a helping hand through his Zipway clothing company. Starks, who wore number 3 is donating 3,000 sets of scrubs to help out New York City healthcare workers in local hospitals.

“Everything zips away from your body, so it prevents the bacteria from going into your entry points – through your nose, through your mouth, through your ears, your eyes,” said Starks, “It eliminates the contact healthcare workers have to deal with.”

However, Starks knows the strength and resiliency of New Yorkers.

“New Yorkers understand what it takes in order to pull it together. We have been through so much up here in New York – 9/11, the financial crisis, and we just grind it out, that’s what we do as New Yorkers,” added Starks.