Jeff Van Gundy runs in defense of Patrick Ewing

Patrick Ewing‘s reputation in the eyes of some, is blurred because he never won a title in New York.

Former teammate Charles Oakley has criticized Ewing in recent interviews for his approach as a teammate and the Knicks’ lack of success under Ewing.

Former Knicks head coach Jeff Van Gundy ran to defend Ewing, claiming that some people have forgotten how good Patrick Ewing was.

Here is Van Gundy talking about Ewing during an interview with Chris Russo and Mad Dog Sports Radio:

“I think we have amnesia, sometimes, as Knick people, just how good Ewing was and how well he played. If you want to be compared to Jordan, then everyone will run out. But if you are compared to a level of greatness? I went back and watched the games and looked at the statistics because it was intriguing for me, from the memory of other people, ‘I was like, this guy is amazing.’ Even then, the way people try to portray Patrick as if he wasn’t coming into the clutch bag. And I’m like, “Wait, I was there in every game. I remember this guy taking us on a night basis. “