Jamahl Mosley is unlikely to choose the Knicks

It is not the first time that Jamahl Mosley will be considered for a head coach position, and it will not be the last time if he does not get the job. The Dallas Mavericks assistant interviewed the opening of Cleveland Cavs last summer. He appears to be about to land a lead job.

After spending the past six seasons under Rick Carlisle in Dallas, Mosley is making a name for himself as a defensive coach who is an effective communicator. Since the start of the 2018-19 season, he has been defensive coordinator in Dallas. The team ranked 18th and 17th in defensive efficiency in the past two seasons, respectively.

Before joining the Mavericks, Mosley spent four seasons as an assistant with the first post-LeBron Cavs teams between 2010-2014. He also spent time in the Nuggets organization working as an assistant and coach for player development.

Apparently Mosley is Mavs’ assistant who works most with star point guard Luka Doncic. After hearing the news that he will be interviewed in New York, several Dallas reporters tweeted that the players appreciate Mavs’ dressing room very much.

It would seem unlikely that Mosley will make a side move to join Knicks staff as an assistant if he doesn’t get the lead role.