Jalen Smith is another prospect for the Knicks

For the choice of the first round the New York Knicks should consider the choice of Jalen Smith.
Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Draft 2020 will most likely be postponed due to the coronavirus, but deciding who to select is the New York Knicks‘ only thought. One of the best prospects for this year’s draft class includes a player named Jalen Smith. Smith is a new potential for President Leon Rose and returning general manager Scott Perry should consider taking it.

Smith is a two-way player who thrives on the fast break. Thanks to its long structure and a wingspan measuring over seven feet, Smith has the potential to protect all five positions if it adds more weight and muscle to his body.

In attack, Smith is a versatile player who can score in various ways. Most of the points scored by Smith were based on post-ups, offensive rebounds and transition interruptions. Smith also improved his jump shot.

The Knicks need impact players if they want to become a competent team in the future. Drawing a player like Jalen Smith would be a good start.