Jalen Brunson’s revelation about leaving the Mavericks for the Knicks will anger fans

Current New York Knicks star Jalen Brunson was on the show “All the Smoke” where he described his final days playing with the Dallas Mavericks. During his appearance on the podcast, he reflected on being traded to New York, which will rile up Dallas fans to the nth degree.

Brunson initially wanted to stay with the Mavericks and was ready to sign a rumored four-year, $55 million contract extension, but the team never pursued it. Apparently, he signed the contract before his final season with Dallas or between 20 and 25 games into the season, but it never went through.

“So there was a period where Luka came out and I started playing and I was playing really well,” Brunson said. “I think I averaged 20 and 6, maybe whatever, and so it was that 20 – 25 (game) score. We went back and thought, “Hey, if we’re thinking about it for the deals there,” like I’m going to do it right now, and yet it was no. It wasn’t a hard no, it was like we want to see, we want to see.”

His mindset changed with his former team when the trade deadline passed and then he was offered the deal by the Mavericks. It was too little too late as Brunson said, “I think I’m over it by now.”

“This was Dallas because I initially wanted to stay there. Then the trade deadline comes, I think if I don’t get an extension, I’ll probably get traded,” Brunson said. “I probably think the way I played is pretty decent. So that didn’t happen. The deal came through on the table after the trade deadline and I thought, no, I think I’m over it now. Personally that’s what I thought, I think I’m over it.”