Jalen Brunson discusses Knicks’ outlook amid playoff pressure

As the New York Knicks continue their push for the playoffs, All-Star guard Jalen Brunson weighed in on whether the team feels the pressure from fans for a deep postseason run.

With the Knicks currently holding the fifth spot in the Eastern Conference, expectations are high among fans for a successful playoff campaign.

During a recent episode of “Roommates with Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart,” presented by Playmaker HQ, Brunson and teammate Josh Hart were joined by actor and Knicks superfan Ben Stiller.

Stiller highlighted the historical significance of the Knicks franchise, referencing past championship-winning teams and the enduring excitement among fans.

“There’s just always been a desire to what the 1970-73 Knicks and what that team was and it’s interesting to me for you guys because you are just stepping having to step into that but when you’re playing well the excitement that’s there is palpable but then there’s also the pressure,” the actor said.

In response to Stiller’s comments, Brunson acknowledged the palpable energy surrounding the team, particularly when playing at Madison Square Garden.

Despite the heightened expectations, Brunson emphasized that he personally does not feel pressure but instead focuses on the team’s collective effort and dedication to their craft.

“There’s no pressure for me, personally but I definitely feel the energy no matter where you are in New York,” he said. “As soon as you’re in the Garden you feel the energy. Go into a restaurant and someone sees you and gets excited.”

Brunson praised the team’s work ethic and unity, noting that the players remain grounded and focused amid external pressures.

“I think the best part of our team right now is that we don’t have guys who are truly into all that,” Brunson continued. “We’re all about our business. We work hard as can and we have a lot of guys that are focused on the right thing. When it comes to everyone coming together like this fanbase and city, there’s nothing that compares to it.

“So when it comes to pressure, I mean there are high stakes but for me it’s not pressure because we worked really hard for situations like this.”