Iowa State Cyclones can reserve another choice for the Knicks in the Draft

The New York Knicks could look for a player who is capable of both creating for others and scoring to fill the void in the point guard position. With RJ Barrett already on the shooting guard, however, it might be appropriate for the Knicks to find more of a director than a scorer.

If this turns out to be the goal, the Knicks would have to spend a lot of time studying the Iowa State Cyclone Point Guard movie Tyrese Haliburton.

He and Barrett would create a truly unique backcourt. The Knicks would have two more than competent defenders who both stand over 6’5 ″, thus creating invaluable versatility as regards matchup and exchange.

There are reasons to wonder if Haliburton’s game will translate into the NBA or not, but if Scott Perry believes it, the feeling of the second year could be an acquisition theft.