Indiana makes it 1-2 by beating the Knicks

The point-to-point final, now a tradition in the series between Pacers and Knicks, this time rewards the home team. The hero of the evening is Andrew Nembhard, who scores all 5 of his points in the last 2 minutes, giving Indiana the shot that brings them back 1-2. New York, which also has to give up OG Anunoby, goes behind in the paint (56-40 points count in the area for the Pacers) and pays for the lack of clarity on the last, decisive possessions.

After redeeming himself in game 2, Tyrese Haliburton plays another excellent game in game 3 leading his team with 35 points and 7 assists, shooting 14/26 from the field and showing that he has finally recovered both physically and from that of leadership on the team.

Indiana’s victory in game 3 also featured Pascal Siakam (26 points, 7 rebounds and 9/14 from the field) and Myles Turner (21 points, 10 rebounds and 7/13 from the field). The two do what they have to do to make up for the gap in terms of physicality seen in the first two episodes of the series and this time, not coincidentally, the Pacers manage to win.

Decimated by injuries and with a particularly inaccurate shot by Jalen Brunson (26 points but 10/26 from the field), in an attempt to go ahead 3-0 and effectively close the series the Knicks cling to an increasingly protagonist Donte DiVincenzo. At the end comes a painful defeat, but the former Warriors, now an untouchable for coach Tom Thibodeau, finishes with 35 points shooting 7/11 from three.

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