How can the Knicks benefit from Mitchell Robinson?

When mentioning the best defensive teams in the NBA last season, that conversation couldn’t be had without including the New York Knicks. Offensively, New York has impressed, but can do more in 2023-24 to reach championship contention.

Enter Mitchell Robinson into the equation. Robinson has anchored the Knicks’ defense in his five seasons with the franchise, but could the rim-running center benefit from seeing more touches?

Mike Vacarro of the New York Post reminded the basketball world of Robinson’s impatience with his lack of touches on offense last season with this Snapchat post taking a shot at the coaching staff:

“Tired as hell of just being out there for the fame of cardio like I want to play basketball to really waste my time and energy.”

Knicks screen-setters average the fewest shot attempts per game (2.8 FGA), but shoot 57.9% when they do so. Taking into account the ease with which they perform in the screen-and-roll, combined with Robinson’s efficiency and dynamism as a lob threat, the Knicks, by using him more, would free up the corners for the most efficient three-pointer in basketball and become point guards. Jalen Brunson’s life is easier in the midrange.