Gallinari: “I thought to remain in New York for many years but prevailed NBA business”

Former Knicks Danilo Gallinari told to Sky Sport about his NBA career:

“The Draft day was beautiful. It started in the morning and it all ended the next morning. It’s been two days, I haven’t slept. It was a mix of emotions, I remember not even feeling tired”.

How was your first time with your new teammates? “I remember it was a special day, entering the gym and seeing my teammates ready to train and make life difficult for me.”

Playing at the Garden the first time? “Playing at Garden is always special, both as a New York player and as an opponent. Playing in that arena with particular emotions is unique in the world”.

Playing agasint LeBron and Kobe for the first time? “Playing against them has always been a dream of getting to the NBA and when I did it was wonderful.”

Being traded to Denver? “It was a difficult time because I didn’t expect it. I thought I would stay in New York for many years. At that moment I got to know the NBA business. It was a difficult day, but I arrived in Denver, in an incredible franchise where I found people who helped me a lot in dealing with change. “

The moment you felt like you belonged in the NBA? “The first season I played a few games, the most important season was the second, where I always played, I had a great season and I realized I could be in the NBA”.

The hardest moment growing up? “One of the most difficult moments for me was my first NBA injury when I was in New York”.