Gallinari could be the surprise of the Knicks

While the next free agent class may not have the same stellar power as the last offseason, there are many quality players who will have more suitors. One of these is the former Knick Danilo Gallinari.

Gallinari was drafted by the Knicks in 2008 and played with the team for 2.5 seasons before being swapped with the Denver Nuggets in 2011 as part of the Carmelo Anthony package. Since leaving the Knicks, Gallinari has had a good career.

Gallinari has always been a productive player, but he has really found his rhythm in the past two years and has turned into one of the game’s most efficient shooters. His real shooting rates of 63.3 percent in 2018-19 and 61.1 percent in 2019-20 are the highest marks in his career.

Danilo Gallinari is set to become a free agent and could be a good deal for the Knicks.