Former New York Knicks guard Gerald Wilkins has been arrested

Gerald Wilkins, who played for seven seasons with the New York Knicks, was arrested this week in Georgia for mere battery, theft and aggravated assault, according to CBS 46 of Atlanta.

The former Knick has been charged after a clash in his workplace. He is accused of throwing an object at a colleague and chasing someone with a screwdriver. The accident reportedly happened on June 9.

This is not the first attack of legal problems for Hall of Famer brother Dominique Wilkins. According to CBS 46, he was also arrested for attacking a woman and committing a crime in the past month.

He was banned from a recreation center where he taught basketball clinics in 2013 following a dispute that escaped control. However, it was only a verbal altercation during a rental program and it appears that the two-year ban could have been heavy.