Former Knicks Shannon Brown has been arrested

Shannon Brown, who played 19 games for the New York Knicks at the end of the 2013-14 season, was arrested in Atlanta last week for media allegedly shot with a shotgun at two people trying to get into his home, according to the Atlanta Journal – Constitution.

No one was injured during the shooting.

The accident stems from an apparent confusion about Brown’s home being offered for sale. A case-seeking couple in the area saw a “for sale” sign in its courtyard and thought they could enter when the gate and front door were left open, according to a police spokesman who confirmed the arrest. Official constitution of Atlanta.

The 34-year-old two-time Lakers champion came out with a shotgun and fired multiple shots at the couple as they ran for safety, according to the prosecution.

The couple reportedly didn’t contact the police about the alleged shootings until nearly four hours later. After investigating the scene, the police recovered an empty cartridge case.