ESPN suggests a trade to the Knicks

ESPN’s Bobby Marks suggested trading Brogdon to the New York Knicks for Evan Fournier and a lottery-protected 2024 first-round pick.

Fournier would be there to match salaries, but the reason for the trade would be the extra first-round pick for the upcoming draft. If Brogdon can land a future first-round pick, it will only add to the haul the team got for Damian Lillard in October.

Brogdon is probably the player most likely to receive from Portland, and if that ultimately happens, it’s because the Blazers can get legitimate value for him. The Blazers have every right to hold onto Brogdon and wait until the summer or a year from now, when his contract is closer to expiring. But for now, Brogdon is very much the center of attention.

The NBA trade deadline is set for Thursday, February 8.