Draymond Green takes another shot against the Knicks

The New York Knicks are just two games away from making the 2024 NBA Eastern Conference Finals, but one Golden State Warriors star isn’t buying them as a serious championship threat.

In the most recent episode of his self-titled podcast “The Draymond Green Show,” Warriors forward Draymond Green stated that the Knicks benefited from an easy path to the ECF, characterizing the Eastern Conference as weaker than the Western Conference in which he plays (h/t Fox Sports’ Chantz Martin):

“In the Eastern Conference, you can get to the conference finals, like the Atlanta Hawks, playing like very ‘average’ teams, so that’s what you’re all doing right now,” Green said.

“And I think what’s preparing you is what happened to the Atlanta Hawks three years ago when they got to the conference finals, and they never got back.”

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