Draymond Green has a tough message for Knicks fans

Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors has upset a lot of people over the years and now he may become an enemy of the New York Knicks fan base.

According to a video shared by New York Basketball, Green said the Knicks are doing well right now and could go far in the playoffs, but it could be a “fluke.”

“It will probably be another 15 years of misery and we will all be sitting around laughing at Knicks fans with their disappointment because that’s just what happens,” Green said.

Green compared this year’s Knicks to the 2020-21 Atlanta Hawks and the 2018-19 Portland Trail Blazers.

Both teams had red-hot seasons that pushed them all the way to the playoffs, but ultimately fell short.

More importantly, they never reached those same heights again and are now struggling teams who feel light years away from the finals.

Green predicts that will happen to the Knicks, a claim that will receive plenty of pushback in New York and beyond.

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