Donte DiVincenzo sets career high for three points scored in a season

Despite the loss to the Mavs, Donte DiVincenzo reached a milestone, setting a new career high with three points scored in a season. On Thursday night, he hit his 151st 3-pointer with 7:24 left in the first quarter, surpassing his previous high of 150. The 150 came last season with the Golden State Warriors, where he played 1,894 minutes in 72 games. regular season. .

Donte DiVincenzo has found a home in New York and has thrived this season. He’s the type of defensive guard that Tom Thibodeau loves and he’s been great on that side of the ball. Donte is +1.3 in defensive area plus-minus this season. Even more impressive is the 42.2% he shoots from deep.

He has taken advantage of increased playing time due to injury and has hit 35/83 3-pointers in his last six games. The total is 5.8 on 13.8 attempts in 40.5 minutes per game. The Knicks guard has become one of the best three-point threats in the NBA.

He is scoring and gaining confidence as he is one of the main focuses on opposing teams’ scouting reports. He now imagines the open shots he could get if the Knicks managed to field a fully healthy roster. The Knick’s final lineups could get very interesting with the depth they have, but DiVincenzo has shown what he can do in this recent stretch.