Donte DiVincenzo knows he’s closing in on the Knicks’ record of three triples in a single season

Donte DiVincenzo knows he’s getting close to the record and wants to break it. He has 12 games left to do so.

“Hell yeah, obviously I want to be in the record books,” DiVincenzo said, Bondy.

Although he aimed to break the record, DiVincenzo admitted that it is not his main goal to play every game for the Knicks.

“I dont think about it. Obviously I’m aware of that, but I don’t go into the game asking, ‘How many do I need?’” DiVincenzo said, via Bondy. “This is for you guys to talk about, this is for everyone else to enjoy. But when you start doing that, there’s basketball karma, basketball gods. It’s not something I [want to mess with].”

The Knicks are 42-28, a half-game behind the Cleveland Cavaliers for the third seed in the Eastern Conference and 3.5 games against the Milwaukee Bucks for the second seed. However, the Orlando Magic are only a half-game behind the Knicks for the fourth seed.